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Muay Thai
Introducing ‘the art of 8 limbs.’ Get ready to kick it up a gear with our Muay Thai classes, led by our pro coaches and seasoned champs. You’ll sweat, you’ll learn, you’ll level up your skills, drilling punches, shins, knees and elbows. Join us and let Muay Thai, the ultimate striking ancient art, sharpen your mind, sculpt your body and boost your confidence within a supportive community.
Team Tieu X Gymbox are set across 3 locations in London, West, Central & East. Bringing you the very best fitness classes to support your journey to becoming a combat beast…or whatever your goals may be! Together we are a friendly community, with classes for every level to welcome you into our team.
Welcoming you to the world of K-1 kickboxing, an explosive discipline made famous in Japan. Drop the frills for this energetic, fast paced set of skills in a symphony of both power and precision. Brought to you by our kickboxing kings & queens, here to share their knowledge and share the scene. Join us and experience the adrenaline rush of K-1 Kickboxing.
Step into the squared circle, get up on your toes! Our boxing coaches will have you jabbing, bobbing & weaving whether you’re a beginner or a semi pro! From shadow boxing to footwork skills, bag work and pad work drills. Find focus, learn the fundamentals, level up to sparring. Join us in boxing, start your journey to a harder, better, faster, stronger version of you.

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