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Muay Thai
Join us for our Muay Thai classes, where you’ll dive into ‘the art of 8 limbs’. Led by our pro coaches and seasoned champions, these sessions incorporate pad work, bag work and technique drills. Get ready to elevate your skills as you sweat, learn and push yourself to the next level.
Take your training up a notch from novice to Intermediate / Advanced. If you’ve already secured some solid foundations and looking to level-up and progress your skills, come join us in these Muay Thai classes amongst our welcoming combat community.
Join our boxing class and experience KO combinations, master shadow boxing, perfect your footwork, and sweat it out with bag work and padwork drills. Whether you're a beginner or on the semi-pro scene, our classes taught by seasoned coaches are designed to challenge and inspire you on your boxing journey.
Bag Work
Step into our high energy, bag work class. Get ready to sweat, punch, kick and feel the power as you unleash. This class is designed to get your blood pumping whilst building serious strength and endurance. You’ll learn killer combos and channel your inner champion as you imagine your opponent, join us and show that bag who's boss!
Combat Conditioning
Combat conditioning is key. Through a focus on Cardiovascular conditioning, plyometric exercises, functional movements, flexibility, mobility and mental toughness; there will be no stone unturned when it comes to improving strength, endurance, stamina, agility and overall fitness. The foundations that every fighter needs to succeed.
Muay Thai Fundamentals
We welcome all levels. Beginner, Intermediate or advanced, you can always benefit from brushing up on your technique. A Muay Thai class crafted to break down the movements and perfect each of your 8 limbs, so that when we put it all together, you’ll be punching, kicking, kneeing like a Muay Thai master.
Clinch Workshop
Clinching is a technique that makes Muay Thai truly unique, think tie ups, knees, elbows and sweeps. This specialised skill is difficult to pick up on the fly. Our workshop will help you master the clinch and integrate it into your overall practice. We'll focus on close-range grappling techniques that can be used for both offense and defense to control your opponent.
K1 Kickboxing
Welcoming you to the world of K-1 kickboxing, an explosive discipline made famous in Japan. A high energy class where speed and power collide in an adrenaline-fueled workout. You'll engage in dynamic combinations of punches and kicks, while building strength and agility. Our kickboxing class is the perfect way to challenge yourself and take your skills to the next level.
Sparring Workshop
Our sparring workshop is a hands-on, contact class, brought to you by our master trainers who have rounds of experience under their belts. Together we focus on the fundamentals of sparring, breaking down techniques, focusing on footwork, combos, timing, fight IQ and ring craft. All of which can be put into practice if/when fight night rolls around.
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